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How can I more effectively drive myself, others, and my organization?

Motivate yourself and others by fostering an environment of "always being better."

What is possible when my organization better understands our mission is our product, our clients are our consumers, and society is our customer?

A new conceptual paradigm allows you to better communicate the full value of your organization to your clients and your entire organization.

How will a growth mindset engender a positive paradigm shift for myself and others?

Access to a full kit of human tools+paradigms will free you, your colleagues, and your organization to adapt and grow and to seize opportunities while facing down challenges.




We support you in taking the reins as an empowered and inspired leader with clear purpose and the courage of your conviction.


True leaders honor the person first, and we promise to do the same with you.  We are experienced working with leaders from many realms, from academic to corporate to non-profit. 

We show up to each meeting with the spirit of curiosity and exploration. And we help you to feel comfortable and confident to act on our discoveries.

We ask a lot of questions and actively LISTEN to your answers.  


Finally, we help you resolve challenges with real, dynamic, actionable steps to create the mission-based business you were meant to lead. 


At Guidance For Greatness, we've pioneered the very best way to get your entire team onboard with a powerful new paradigm shift.

Our approach stems from the conviction that sound values drive the best leaders to develop  lifelong habits that embolden them to meet the challenges of today.  Jim Salvucci combines his experience as a Certified Coach of Tiny Habits®  with his many years as a university professor and administrator.  This uniquely qualifies him as a  a remarkably effective guide and mentor for lasting and positive systemic change. 


Here's What We Mean:

As your "leadership sherpa" Jim is expert at getting to the bottom of what holds you back.  With his thirty years as a professor, faculty leader, and academic administrator, he is no stranger to the blocks and barriers leaders may experience, and getting clear-headed and laser-focused are integral to values-based leadership.

Over time, the way we think about ourselves, our team and the business we lead becomes so ingrained in us that it becomes nearly impossible to think in new ways.  This is EXACTLY where we must begin.  A "Beginner's Mind" has everything to do with re-thinking the familiar and coming up with new and dynamic ways to think, feel and act.  This is how we "re-tool" our clients for great and lasting change.

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We Turn Bosses Into
Great Leaders.


For those who are serious about making highly impactful changes in the way they lead their people for a massive, powerful shift, schedule your free 30 minute conversation today.

Individual Programs & Group Workshops

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