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What Is The Tiny Habits  Model?


Imagine having the control to do the most important things first, to move from confusion and chaos to clarity and confidence. As a certified Tiny Habitscoach, Jim Salvucci, PhD, guides leaders and their organizations to develop the habits and behaviors that will lead to progress and success. 


Behavioral scientist BJ Fogg, the founder of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University, is a leading edge researcher in changing behavior by creating new, “tiny habits.”  Contrary to widespread belief about how and why people form habits, Dr. Fogg developed the Fogg Behavior Model. His years of in depth research suggest rather than motivation being the key to change, it is actually more impactful to “reward” oneself with positive self reflection. Change can, and should, feel good. 


In his bestselling book, Tiny Habits, Dr. Fogg offers practical applications for changing behavior and developing new, positive habits. His research has helped thousands of people master the skill of change. 



Bottom Line: Massive Values-Driven Growth and Sustainability 

For The Company As A Whole. 

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