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You Were Meant To Be



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But What About The Hard Times?

It's Easy To Lose Your Sense Of Direction

Leading and inspiring your staff, even during the good times, can feel overwhelming and lonely.  It's all too easy to forget the reasons your organization exists, and your managers and employees may just be "phoning it in."  And that's just when things are going fairly well.

Discontent among employees and other managers

Constantly changing priorities from clients 

Loss of focus of the mission of your organization

Compass Pointing North

Tools For Change:
Mission-Based Leadership

Singular Focus On Your Organization's Mission

In recent years, the phrase, "Mission Mode," has come to refer to a single-mindedness of purpose, to the exclusion of other potential distractions.


At Guidance For Greatness, we believe that singular focus is just what's needed to strengthen leadership from the top down. We understand the myriad of challenges leaders face, especially during "not so good" times. We've helped all kinds of leaders to clarify the critical mission of their company; then we tap into the guidance that naturally emanates from that inner wisdom to ensure precise action on those initiatives. Our clients learn to lead with more conviction and less effort.  




Think of us as your Sherpa!  We've guided leaders just like you to find their way to the pinnacle of greatness, for their company, and themselves.

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What Drives Great Leaders?

Purpose, Passion & Precise Action

What drives you to be a leader, both as a person, AND as a business leader? That's the question we will answer together.  Many leaders possess these when they originally set out to lead, but over time, with staffing challenges and changes, and as the business environment (and world at large) continue to change, we can lose our way (or our "why").


 Your "why" is the guiding principle for everything you do. Your WHY + Your HOW are your roadmap.

leadership coaching

Individual & Group Coaching: You & Your Emerging Leaders

It's Always Something...

  • There’s not enough money.

  • There’s not enough time

  • Your people can’t handle it.

  • You can'y get a concensus--on anything.

...and on and on.

Together we will put your values to work.

  • Discover key insights to drive you and your mission (business) forward

  • Increase self-awareness as a leader

  • Discover your dynamic self and strengthen your mindset for immediate positive results.

GROUP workshopS

Cracking The Code:

From Challenge To Change

Small Changes + Repetition Over Time =

Brand New, Positive Results.

Jim Salvucci is a certified Tiny Habits Workshop Coach and has helped countless leaders to unlock the pattern of behaviors that propel his clients to become great leaders.


Available both as a stand-alone workshop, and as part of a broader, more in-depth and integrated workshop for positive change.

Topics covered include:

  •  Workplace relations

  •  Effective communication

  • Refocusing on the mission


What is your team struggling with that we can tackle together?


speaking engagements

Dynamic,EngaginG, & Powerful

Straight Talk

With Jim Salvucci, PhD

Not one to mince words, Jim's straightforward, no-nonsense approach is designed and tailored to the unique needs of your managers and emerging leaders, Jim will take you and your group on a journey of self-discovery which is peppered with his signature wry sense of humor and story telling. 


Jim's audience is guaranteed to walk away with  many "A-Ha Moments" and open up new dialogue among you and your staff.  A group dynamic like this is a perfect kick-off to any leadership conference. 


Some Kind Words From Clients

"Jim’s ability to quickly ascertain each group’s mindset within an organization is uncanny. He naturally strategizes the collaboration needed per group to bridge perspectives and ultimately create common goals. His determination in shepherding the ebb and flow of this work is steadfast."

Jennifer F.

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